Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special guest: Otljana, Albania and its cultural heritage

 Ready for the snow! She looks adorable! Lovely smile!

A stylish casual outfit for an afternoon in the mall!

Jeans never fail!
Albania has been a little bit delayed of the globalization... which in my eyes make it an existing jewel, because that gives the country a very special uniqueness very difficult to find everywhere. It has archaeological and natural parks, castles, fortresses, religious monuments and breath taking arquitecture, and it is deeply influenced by the Greek and Roman Culture. The country is rather small but everywhere you go, you will find something interesting to see, and a beautiful piece of history. It has beautiful and healthy thermal waters and great shopping, specially because the prices are better than in Western Europe, and as I read, if you go to Rruga Myslym Shyri (in Tirana) you can find really good bargains!!
Otljana is a beautiful Albanese girl that has a very different blog, full of Do It Yourself ideas and I think she is really creative. She teaches us how to transform a pair of boring black shoes into a very decent version of Chanel shoes! http://doityourselfideas.blogspot.com , I'm reading all her entries!!!
But since she doesn't appear as much as I would like in her blog (because she is really pretty and she does know how to dress), she allowed me to use her pics from a different source.
She doesn't have many pics of the same outfit, that's why I'm sharing the looks I like the most of her, but all of them rock!
Her hair-do is perfect in all the pictures! I wonder how she manages to keep it that way :)
Thank you so much for letting me use your pickies, Otljana :)
I hope you can share more outfits with us soon!

Berat, Albania. Looks amazing!

Albania: Cultural heritage and chic girls :)


  1. hey thank you so much...very lovely post, i liked it :D! recently, i thought to upgrade my blog with another mini section where i will post my OOTDs and stuff like that, especially im going to show how i wear my DIYS...im on the way to do it soon! greetings from albania XXXX

    1. yes, you have to! I loved all your outfits!!! :) Thanks again, beautiful!


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