Sunday, May 5, 2013

Special guest: Maggie from Hungary, 2 worlds comming together

 That's style!
I've always felt particularly attracted  to Central and Eastern Europe. I don't really know why... But what I know is that wherever you go in the entire world, you will always find something interesting and someone great!
Budapest became just one city after Buda and Pest got together, in Hungary They say is one of the prettiest places on Earth, and who hasn't heard the Blue Danube? We always picture ourselves with princesses dresses whenever we listen to it!
Who hasn't heard about Harry Houdini? He was born in Hungary!
And who wouldn't like to have Barbara Palvin's eyes? She is from Hungary as well!
Well, Maggie has the eyes, has the smile, has the face, and has the style. She is a lovely Hungarian girl that allowed me to use her pickies, and I love her style!! So refined!
I almost went 2 years ago when I was in Romania, but as always, when I'm traveling, I find so much to do and to see that I end up without money and I have to go back home :( either to Norway or Mexico... sniff!
 The bag is awesome!

 The jacket and the bracelet! I want them both!

I wonder what she is thinking :)

Thank you so much, Maggie! Here is her blog link, besides stylish, she is an amazing photographer!
This is a picture of the Parliament Building in Budapest :)

Hungary: Interesting and beautiful people everywhere!


  1. Hi Dharia! Thank you so much for your offer, I think it will be great, you can use my photos but with a source ( Thank you! xx

    1. Of course :) as you might have noticed I always give the proper credit to the girls! Blog and photo :) I'll let you know when it is ready! thank you so much!


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