Thursday, May 2, 2013

Black, white and my story with snakes!

Faux snake, please! After seeing so many shows in Animal Planet and holding a Python in Norway, I cannot love more those animals. I know they are not loyals as dogs and if I find one in the wild I would probably run like hell... Well, actually talking about that, I've found 2!
One when I was 6 years old and it was a rattle snake and it scared the shit out of me, I was very young but I remember perfectly! I recognized it because of the tail while I was playing in the forrest! I ran the fast I could and I started crying for hours. The damn snake even looked at me in the eyes. I remember I was there with because my mom was filming a movie in that forrest (she is an actress) and since I was in such a state of shock they had to stop the entire production till I calmed down and called qualified staff to to take the snake somewhere else. I got one of the biggest lectures of my life. "How dare you?" and I was even more shocked trying to explain that I didn't mean to find a rattle snake but since every body was on me I didn't dare.
And the other one was when I lived in Cancun, Mexico, very close to the jungle, the snake, whatever it was, was just crossing the street! And I pronunced a huge "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg" and ran my ass out of there! After all, you never know when they are poisonous!
But still, I love them! Hehehe. I swear these stories are true!

The top was 4 USD in a market
The skirt was 4 USD in a market
The belt came for free with a skirt
The make up is MAC

And here is me holding a python, I'm sorry about the messy hair but it rained that day!!

And a nice friendly penguin in the same aquarium (Bergen, Norway), just because :p
He was really curious about me when I took this picture!

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