Monday, May 6, 2013

Special guest: Kanwal from Cosmopolite United Arab Emirates

I love her sunglasses!! And wait! Her hair has two colors too! I think I need to follow that trend ASAP!
Dubai is becoming the shopping center of the world! Designer stores, low cost stores, clothes and accessories from all over the world: Zara, H&M, Mango, Gucci... everything!
Dubai has amazing aquariums, the most expensive hotel in the world, and the only indoor ski resort in the middle east!! When you see the pictures you can't even believe it is indoor!! I guess I would become totally nuts in there with so many things to see and to do! Beach, boats, marinas, stores, skiing, fishing, swimming, sight seeing, fine dining! OMG!!
And as cosmopolite as it is, is Kanwal, who lives in Dubai (I'm gonna make a wish list to Santa asking for an invitation to Dubai :p ). She has traveled all around the world, she knows how to dress, her make up is always perfect, and she is really sweet!! She is so lucky!!
Here is her blog: check it out! :)
Thank you Kanwal!!

 Lovely purple eyeshadows!

 Have you noticed how gorgeous her shoes are??

 Extra large necklace for a middle east princess!

The color of the bag is so trendy!!

 This is the Burj Al Arab. I wonder if they allow visitors. This is the most expensive hotel in the world.

 And it's bar under the sea.

I think this is the lobby!

 Can it be prettier than this?

And this is a Picture of Ski Dubai... the only indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

United Arab Emirates: The best from all the world in one place :)


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