Monday, May 6, 2013

Specal guest from Nigeria: Shana is trendy :)

 I love her yellow shoes! Yellow is becoming so trendy!
Nigeria: Beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, aborigines living in the wild in touch with the beautiful nature, big cities, awesome skies, street markets (I love them!!! And I hardly ever see a good one in Europe), and beautiful people. I don't understand why African girls have a perfect body shape when it seems that they eat whatever they want! And their skin is perfect! But still, I'm happy for them :)
Shana is mom of a beautiful boy, fashionista, and of course has a fashion blog:  Thanks so much, Shana!!!
She has beautiful hair, beautiful body (what a surprise) and she accepted to join us in this blog, so this is our first contribution from Nigeria! I am so excited! :)
Enjoy :)
 Black and white skirts are very strong this year!

 Love the sunglasses!

 She is wearing the coolest Zara blazer :)

This is a Nigeria street market :)

Nigerian house on the planes. Isn't it beautiful??

Nigeria: Always trendy 

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