Sunday, May 5, 2013

Special guest: Keit from Bulgaria: Crazy, sexy, edgy!

 I would have never tried this, but I LOVE IT!
It is extremely hard to look sexy and stylish when your garment combination is edgy and out of ordinary. But I don't know how the !"#$%&/, Keit does it!!! Her outfits are UNBELIEVABLE. She is crazy (and I mean it in a good,, good way)!! Mixing yellow laces with a pink dress and a beret, or yellow socks on top of pantyhose... sounds ultra weird but she makes it work!!
In one of her pictures she is with a night dress with informal shoes in the park... and I still don't know how but it looks shockingly cool!!! Perhaps is her beauty, perhaps is her courage trying many things we would never try and then happily discovering how cool they look! 1000 perhaps, but I really loved her style!
And also, thanks for letting me use your pictures Keit, you are stunning!
I am crazy about short hair on girls, but it doesn't look good on me :( 
And what about the color? Fabulous!

 Hey! That's my eye color! I might drop the contacts!

Nessebar, Bulgaria! I saw pictures of the beaches and I NEED to go there!

Bulgaria: Crazy, sexy, edgy!

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  1. Hey dear, just wanted to say that I think it's great what you're doing. I feel so flattered by your kind words and so very happy by what you wrote. Thank you so so much! ^_^ Very much appreciated!


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