Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special guest: Passant Adel: The other side of Egypt

 The cut of the trousers is perfect!
We all know about the pyramids in Egypt, the Sphinx, the Cats as Gods, Tutankamon, Akenaton (I'm sorry if I am not writing them properly but that is their translation in Spanish), Nefertiti, The Curse of Tutankamon, the mummies, Horus... and on and on (I love it, of course, but that was not my main goal in this post). The history of Egypt is more than magnificent. It is magical, it is full of secrets, mysteries and it has a long long genealogical tree (very interesting, by the way). But, honestly we don't know much about Egypt these days. I've just seen pictures online of the Pyramids area and Cairo, and YES, YES, YES! I wanna go there. What do they like? What do they eat? Where do they like to go?
Well, here is a living example of the chic Egypt no one knows! Her name is Passant Adel, and she is pretty, she has a very mysterious look, she is chic, stylish and Egyptian! OMG! I wanna go to Egypt so bad!!!
She is wearing a Marni jacket (I am sooo jealous, but happy for her, of course!!), and well, the rest speaks for itself. Beautiful, mysterious and chic!!!
Here is her blog: and it is in English! YAY!!
Thank you so much for letting me use your pictures Passan Adel!! I love them!
 The necklace is the perfect touch!

Black and white never fail!

Egypt: Mysterious and Chic!

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