Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special guest: Valeria, The Fashion Duchess of Luxembourg

 The top is great!
Isn't she pretty? She has the most wonderful eyebrows I've ever seen and the biggest green eyes!! She is very fashionable dressing (you can see for yourself in her blog: ), and she has amazing beauty and shopping tips, but I went for this picture (that she kindly let me use), because she looked so innocent and the backround was so nice that I couldn't resist!!
I was reading that the food in Luxembourg is absolutely delicious and a visit there is also like traveling in time.  I saw some amazing pictures and well, hard to describe. I'm gonna read more about this beautiful country this week, I promise!
Thank you so much for your pictures, Valeria!
 She looks as a duchess showing us her land! :)

 Nothing better than someone smiling!

This doesn't belong to the same outfit, but I really wanted my readers to see her beautiful eyes, and the hair with 2 colors! Seems to be very trendy this year!! Shall I try it? What color do you suggest?

And this beauty is her dog! Hundi! I know this is supposed to be fashion, but can you resist that face? I wanna have her on my lap all day long!!!

This is a nice escenery I found from Luxembourg and looks like a medieval town! I love that!

Luxembourg: A piece of history :)

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  1. Awww this is sooo sweet, thank you! You're amazing:) xoxo


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