Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special guest: Youlia, Japan's got the style

I am dying to be in Japan. All the street style photos I've seen from there are just amazing! And if you mix that with history, technology, nice people, amazing landscapes and buldings I don't think there is anything else you could ask for in a place!!
I found Youlia's blog surfing in fashion blogs and I was very impressed with her uniqueness and her special beauty! She is from Korea, born in Russia and lives in Japan!! That sounds really exotic! Here is her link: http:// she has great pictures!
And here are two I chose that she let me use:

 I like this one because it is so simple yet so perfect that I had to share it. The orange socks and the bag are just the perfect complement and makes an outfit that might look too sober really cool!

And this one! She is just wearing red and white and she looks amazing!! I'm gonna try this look soon!

Thanks Youlia!

Cool, original, unique! Japan!


  1. Ah Thank you so much!
    One thing, I should've tell you >_< I'm not Japanese!

    I am Korean borned in Russia, moved and living in Japan :)


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