Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special guest: Charlotte, Perfect style from Belgium

I have never been in Belgium, but I met Katrien, a lovely girl from there, on myspace some years ago (when we still used it, lol), and she is one of the coolest persons I know! We don't talk much but she is always there, she has been super supportive with my blog, and she offered me her home to stay whenever I wanted to go to Belgium! Without knowing me! That just lets me know that Belgians are nice and trusty :)
I really hope to meet her in person that day, same as being in Belgium.
And Charlotte, a beautiful Belgian girl allowed me to use her pictures in my blog, and she is another cool Belgian example: Pretty, stylish, and original! I hope this look inspires you all as well as it did with me :)
Thanks, Charlotte!

Love Belgians!

Here is the link of her blog if you wanna check it out! She has great pictures!


  1. you're still welcome to stay whenever you want!:)


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